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Gale Keck
Anderson  SC

I am interested in finding all I can about the SIMON and WAGUESPACK families. My grandson is Edmond Joseph SIMON, V. I've worked on my own family tree for years and now I'm working on my grandson's. I'm wondering if you know of someone who may created a book? I'm finding plenty online but I thought maybe someone could save me the time of putting together so much info. [query posted online 5/23/2014]

Tiffany Neville-Cambre
Reserve  LA

I am looking for information about the parents of Aristide PICOU. He had a brother Peter PICOU. He was also married to Nathalie CHEVALIER. My father found a handwritten family tree that has Antoine PICOU and Octavia FERRAN as his parents but some of the info on the tree was inaccurate. Any info would be appreciated. [Query posted online 5/23/2014]

Jeff Waguespack
New Orleans  La

Looking for pictures of the following plantations on the East bank..lost due to crevasse protection levee...Golden Grove, Sport, Mount Airy (Gramercy area). [query posted online 5/23/2014]

Lynn Lyttle
Roswell  GA

Looking for information about the family of Joseph BACHEMIN, father of Helen BACHEMIN HUSSON of Pointe Coupée, LA and New Orleans, LA. [query posted online 5/23/2014]

Jack Daigle
League City  TX

According to information provided to me by my wife's uncle, she is a descendant of Karl D'ARENSBOURG (1693-1777), whose great-granddaughter Philimine D'ARENSBOURG married Charles DE LA TOUR about 1810 in New Orleans. I have not been able to confirm the heritage link between Karl & Philimine D'ARENSBOURG, nor the birth/marriage/death of the persons Philimine D'ARENSBOURG or Charles DE LA TOUR. I have information on a daughter Marie Augustine Poupone DE LA TOUR born to them in Orleans Parish in 1812 but nothing more. I am looking to document the ancestral link from Karl D'ARENSOUBRG to Philimine, her marriage to Charles DE LA TOUR, and the ancestry of Charles DE LA TOUR [query posted online 5/23/2014]

Linda Alexander Prevost
Wetumpka  AL

Looking for any information/location of a plantation along the River Road owned by the DESESSART (& variant spellings) family in St. John the Baptist Parish & indicated to be The German Coast. They were sugar planters who fled to Saint-Domingue from France, & then came to New Orleans about 1791. Denis Richard DECHANET dit DESESSARTS was an actor, one of the original of the 1st theater in New Orleans. He had been a prominent thespian in France at the Theater Francais. Any information at all to indicate where this plantation may have been would be helpful. Thank you! [query posted online 5/23/2014]

Nelly Thomas
Langenselbold  Germany

Any information on Johann SCHNEIDER, born 1756 in Empire, Plaquemines Parish, son of Georg SCHNEIDER, born about 1737. would be very much appreciated. Johann SCHNEIDER married Barbara FREER on Feb 7, 1786 in Glogowatz/Austria-Hungary (Romania today). They had two children, Magadalena (1790-1831) and John Baptist (1793-1870). [query posted online 5/23/2014]

Marc Bell
Riverdale  GA

I am looking for information on my GGG-Grandmother, Felicite. Her surname may be PICOU as she was on the Panis-Picou plantation in St. John the Baptist Parish. I do know she was in the will of Marie Louise PANIS (free person of color). Any and all information regarding Felicite and her family members is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!! [query posted online 9/15/2013]

Nan Foster Schuchs
Natchez  MS

Searching for SCHUCHS, German descent but on 1880 census, his son reports that his father was born in LA, mother in Hesse, Germany. Moved to Washington, MS by 1845 when son was born. Remembered the German Coast from a land sale here by a Henderson moving to the "German Coast." [query posted online 9/15/13]

Brenda Kearns
Sulphur  LA

I am looing to find when my ancestor Marie Arcene ST. CYR met and married Numa CHATELLIER. Based on other ancestry trees, Marie Arcene ST. CYR was born in St. James Parish. She came to Madisonville, St. Tammany with her husband Numa CHATELLIER in approx. 1844. This was the first CHATELLIER and my 3rd great grandparents. Numa died in 1870 and Marie died in 1879 both in St. Tammany. Her brother Joseph ST. CYR married Azurine BORNE from St. John the Baptist Parish. I am new at genealogy and have hit a roadblock trying to validate when and where Numa met Marie. Any help or advice would be helpful. [query posted online 9/15/2013]


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