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Marc Bell
Riverdale  GA

I am looking for information on my GGG-Grandmother, Felicite. Her surname may be PICOU as she was on the Panis-Picou plantation in St. John the Baptist Parish. I do know she was in the will of Marie Louise PANIS (free person of color). Any and all information regarding Felicite and her family members is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!! [query posted online 9/15/2013]

Nan Foster Schuchs
Natchez  MS

Searching for SCHUCHS, German descent but on 1880 census, his son reports that his father was born in LA, mother in Hesse, Germany. Moved to Washington, MS by 1845 when son was born. Remembered the German Coast from a land sale here by a Henderson moving to the "German Coast." [query posted online 9/15/13]

Brenda Kearns
Sulphur  LA

I am looing to find when my ancestor Marie Arcene ST. CYR met and married Numa CHATELLIER. Based on other ancestry trees, Marie Arcene ST. CYR was born in St. James Parish. She came to Madisonville, St. Tammany with her husband Numa CHATELLIER in approx. 1844. This was the first CHATELLIER and my 3rd great grandparents. Numa died in 1870 and Marie died in 1879 both in St. Tammany. Her brother Joseph ST. CYR married Azurine BORNE from St. John the Baptist Parish. I am new at genealogy and have hit a roadblock trying to validate when and where Numa met Marie. Any help or advice would be helpful. [query posted online 9/15/2013]

Arlette LaCaze
Baton Rouge  LA

any information about Vincent Benoit BETHANCOURT who married Marguite Tulim BOYER on 7 July 1857 would be appreciated. [query placed online 8/21/2013]

Dan Flanagan
Austin  TX

I have created a VOISIN surname project at Family Tree DNA @ www.familytreedna.com If you wish to join, please e-mail me here: dflanagan@austin.rr.com So why create a table of Y-DNA results for a particular surname? Imagine the FINNEY family with two clans, a northern one (say, originating in Massachusetts) and a southern one (say, Virginia). Further, let's say all the northern FINNEYs match each other and all the southern FINNEYs match each other. If the FINNEYs in the northern clan differ from the FINNEYs in the southern clan in only a few spots, one could conclude that the two FINNEY clans had a common ancestor within the previous several hundred years. On the other hand, if the two clans differed by MORE than a few markers, then clearly the two FINNEYs are NOT related to each other at all. But by creating these two separate tables of DNA results we have also created a DNA "profile" or a DNA "signature" for each FINNEY clan. Doesn't sound like much but here's where the REAL power of this DNA "profile" or "signature" becomes evident: 1) suppose a FINNEY gets his DNA tested and has no documentation at all: we can now "place" him with one of the two clans and he will then have this line established when, before, he had nothing at all; 2) or suppose a FINNEY gets his DNA tested and then doesn't match either of the two clans: he obviously had an adoption (or an orphanage or an illegitimacy or merely a name change, etc) somewhere in his past FINNEY ancestry; 3) now suppose a FINNEY gets his DNA tested showing that he is a member of the NORTHERN clan but his documentation shows that he is a member of the SOUTHERN clan: this guy has an error in his underlying documentation; and finally . . . 4) let's suppose there were numerous inconsistencies in this underlying documentation. This is usually the result of "mis-associating" with the wrong FINNEY ancestor. Last names were not adopted in Europe until AD 1300 to AD 1600 and while last names were brought forward correctly AFTER this period of time it means that this custom was not followed at all BEFORE this time and only sporadically DURING this time. This means that for some surnames (Flanagan, for example) that none of the Flanagans match any of the other Flanagans. That's an exaggeration but you get the idea. [published on website 7/29/2013]

Stephen Oubre
Flowood  MS

Trying to determine who the parents were of the Auguste OUBRE who married Emilie VICKNAIR. Would also like to find out which VICKNAIR line Emilie belonged to. They had two sons, Adam (born in 1855) and Auguste (born in 1857). Unable to locate this family in the 1860 or 1870 census. Their son, Adam OUBRE, was a resident of Bear Island in Livingston Parish in 1877 when he married Ophelia TREGRE (Tregue). Any information would be greatly appreciated. [query placed online 5/13/2013]

Terrie Auzenne
Valencia  CA

I would like information on Louis HYMEL, born 1882, St. James Parish. I only know his mother's name was Pauline. He was married to Celestine ALLEN. I located him on census records but cannot find any information about his father. [query posted online 3/12/2013]

Cheryl Curole
Metairie  LA

Would like to connect with anyone who is in/researching the LANDRY - DUFFEL Family. I am a descendant of Edward Fernand LANDRY who married Marie Adele Eda DUFFEL of Ascension Parish. My grandmother was their daughter, Ada LANDRY. [query posted online 3/12/2013]

Paul R. Sobert
N. Chesterfield  VA

I am seeking information about the SOBERT (SAUBERT, SEUBERT, SORBERT, SOBER?) name in the German Coast area. My family is from Labadieville, Assumption Parish. My grandfather is Andrew Antoine SOBERT, b 1873, married Judet (Judith) MELANCON 1895. Andrew's father is Jean Marie SAUBERT (Sobert), born 1830 in Labadieville, married Marie Clemance FREMIN in 1867. Jean Marie also has enlistment and service records in the Civil War. Jean Marie's father is Andre SOBERT, born about 1798 (+/-3 years), married to Marie Anne DUBOIS, born about 1799 in Quebec, Canada (parents François Jolicoeur DUBOIS and Marie Therese LIMOGES), marriage date unknown. It has been suggested that the Sobert name is actually German, Swiss, Belgian, Polish, or some other eastern European origin. I will certainly appreciate any assistance. [query posted online 2/27/2012]

Debra Myatt
Spokane Valley  WA

Found an entry in your list of Les Voyageurs, the name and info: Lehinger, Louise 11-3-156. I'm trying to find info on this person and the entry. My maiden name is LEHINGER, an elusive name for finding much historical information. Any help would be appreciated. Florence Tabor Landry, born June 17, 1928, passed away Thursday, February 21, 2013. She was a native and life-long resident of Choctaw. [query posted online 2/21/2013]

Margie Morse
Kiawah Island  SC

I am seeking ancestry info on the Ellien SCHEXNAYDER and Rose Amalie CELESTIN. My grandmother was Beulah SCHEXNAYDER, who married Oscar AUBERT. [query posted online - 2/21/2013]

Verlin Franklin Sr
Marrero  LA

I'm trying to find information on my great-greatgrandfather Joseph Celestin FOSSIER born 1850 in Vacherie, whose parents were Celestin GROS and Caroline BROWN. I'm trying to find out if Celestin GROS was a slave or a free man. If slave, I think they could have been owned by the FALGOUSTs. [query posted online 2/21/2013]

Ellen Miller
Kernville  CA

Need any information on Luis Joseph LAMATHE b. 1733-1745 German Coast?, d. about 1787 Pointe Coupee?, m. Maria Theresa DAVID and/or Maria Joseph ARMAND. Parents? Siblings? Children, etc. [query posted online 2/21/2013]

Ellen Miller
Kernville  CA

Researching Joseph Marie LAMATHE, b. German Coast or France about 1710-1718, m. (possibly) Theresa GODE de ST. GERMAINE about 1740, German Coast. Looking for parents, siblings, children, where they lived in area, etc. [query posted online - 2/21/2013]

Ellen Miller
Kernville  CA

Looking for any information on Louis BARBAY and Jeanne Charlotte FALGOUST. She was born on the German Coast about 1745, m. Louis BARBAY (aka Sam Chagrin) about 1762 German Coast, d. New Orleans about 1821. Did this couple have children other than Luis Cleoface BARBAY; did she have siblings; where did they live on German Coast; why does he have an aka; etc. Also, Louis BARBAY (aka Sam Chagrin) was first married to Marguerite GATELAIS and they may have lived in St. John Baptist Parish. This was first wife and I also need information on their children. [query posted online - 2/21/2013]

Ellen Miller
Kernville  CA

Looking for information on parents, siblings, and children of Catherine/Claudine VOLMER/VOLMAR, b. St. Charles Parish about 1703-1707, m. Joseph T. CASTAN in St. Charles Parish about 1724, and probably died same place. Who were their children, besides Marie Jeanne? All information on this couple is welcome. [query posted online 2/21/2013]

Kevin Eaves
Richmond  TX

Has anyone found the ancestry for Joseph KLIEBER, b1795 Germany, married to Marie OUBRE? This is the only line in wife's side of the tree that I am unable to trace back. [query posted online - 2/21/2013]


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